Schoolwide Snack Is Happening!

Taking a snack break helps students refuel and recharge during the day. Thanks to volunteers from the PTA, snack is now being offered to all Graham Hill students!

How Snack Works

Snack supplies are stored in the PTA room (207) on the back wall shelves. In addition to healthy snacks like whole fruits and crackers, supplies include cutting boards, paring knives, and a checkout sheet. Teachers pick up supplies for their classrooms and voila: snack is in action.

Snack During Class: One Approach

Ms. Stevens offers the following advice for incorporating snack into the day so that it doesn’t disrupt instructional time.

“I set up snack in the morning with a note r.e.: how much to take. Everyone’s name starts in the jar on a popsicle stick. When it is time to start snack, I pull a child’s name, hand them the stick, and then they may go wash their hands, set their stick down outside of the jar, and get their share. After they take their snack they pull another name, hand the popsicle stick to the next child and sit to enjoy their snack (either taking a short break from working or eating while they work). Snack gets paused during whole group lessons so it isn’t distracting.”

Snack Donations Are Welcome!

If parents are interested in donating, simply bring goldfish crackers, pretzels, graham crackers or Ritz-type crackers to the PTA room. If you’d prefer to donate cash or checks, you can put these in the PTA locked mailbox in the office (attn: Snack Program).

After a few weeks, the PTA will send out a survey to find out how the schoolwide snack experiment is working. Big thanks to Karen Hanson West for helping to spearhead this effort.



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