To Apply for Advanced Learning, Submit a Referral by 9/22

The Advanced Learning Program in Seattle Public Schools exists to serve students who’ve been recognized as highly capable. If that sounds like your student (doesn’t it??), and you’re interested in having them tested for inclusion in the program, here’s what to do. Only parents or guardians can refer children for testing.

First, you submit a referral form. The deadline is Friday, 9/22.

  • To submit online, start by logging into your parent/guardian Source account.
  • Don’t have a Source account? You can set one up right here.
  • Once you log in, click on the “Advanced Learning Parent Referral” button and follow the steps.
  • NEW: At the end of the referral, you’ll schedule the test date and location for your child. You’ll choose this from a menu of options. You can change this as many times as you want up to 3 days before the test date.
  • To submit a referral in a language other than English, fill out a paper form. You can print them from these links. Families may mail these through USPS or email them to

Reach out to the PTA or office staff if you need help accessing a printer and/or scanner.

When’s the deadline, again? FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22.

That’s next Friday!

Learn more about the Advanced Learning Program and Services here.


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