PTA Open House Fun!

IMG_5847Fire Trucks! Ice Cream! And many many local and school organizations to learn more about: We delivered! Our Open House was by all accounts a rousing success, with a big showing from the diverse Graham Hill community. Thank you to Full Tilt Ice Cream for helping to supply the yum factor, and to The Seattle Sounders and The Seattle Children’s Theater for providing awesome door prizes. We also had interpreters available for 4 of the main languages spoken at Graham Hill. Below is an account of the evening from one of our interpreters- please take a moment to read it (last names have been omitted for privacy) and appreciate the amazingly diverse community we are a part of:

“My first time came to Graham Hill and easily found my way to cafeteria about 5:30 pm.  It is such a beautiful school and nice PTA parents.  A parent, Jennifer, introduced me to the PTA president, and she showed me around and found a desk to designate the “ Chinese” language sign for me.

 Minutes later, Jane and her father came in and looked a bit overwhelming.  I went up to them and  introduced myself as Chinese interpreter and helped them signed raffle tickets and signed up for  free PTA membership.  Kevin and his mother came.  So, I walked these 2 families to each table and explained in Chinese the function of each program, Safe Kids, YMCA afterschool classes, Family Advocate, Advance Learning,  counselor…..

You have amazing parents in your school.  Jane’s father and Kevin’s mother both volunteered for Walk-a-Thon.  Good news! toward the end of event,  Jane’s name was drawn from raffles.  she won a  Sounder gift! Jane and her father were so happy.

Over all, everything went well.  I have the feeling that the Chinese parents were glad I was there to help them understand the school program much better.”

*Image used with permission of the kids and the parents.

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