Girl Scouts Starts Next Week!

Greetings! Girl Scouts at Graham Hill starts next week (the week of October 9th). In case you don’t know me yet, my name is Nicole Masih-Theberge, a.k.a. Ms. Nicole or “Girl Scout teacher.” I’m the troop leader and Girl Scouts coordinator at Graham Hill.

I’m looking forward to my 4th year of fun and learning with the girls! Here’s what you should know about Girl Scouts:

Who Can Join

Girl Scouts is for any 1st – 5th grader at Graham Hill who identifies as a girl and would like to participate. This is an optional program.

How it Works

Girl Scout troop meetings will be every other week during lunch and recess time, and each grade level will have their own troop (with 4th and 5th grades combined). In addition, girls will have after school, evening, and weekend opportunities if they so choose. These will be workshops to earn badges, field trips, and events.

Lunch/recess schedule for Girl Scouts:

o   1st grade: Monday (Cooper and Mighell) OR Tuesday (Flynn, Maureen, and Rashid)

o   2nd grade: Wednesday

o   3rd grade: Thursday

o   4th/5th grade: Tuesday

How to Join

There are just a couple forms to fill out in order to participate. Forms will go home with girls on the 1st and 2nd troop meeting days, and will be due on Friday, October 27th.

I will also be at the school on various days before and after with forms in hand. Please feel free to reach out to me and ask for the forms directly if you like. My information is at the bottom of this post. Any forms that need to be turned in throughout the year can be turned into my box in the front office.


If you can, we ask that families pay the membership fee of $25. You may fill out the financial assistance form, which is included on the back of every membership form, and the program will then be FREE for families.

Volunteers Needed!

If you are at all interested in:

  • Helping during lunch/recess as a troop assistant
  • Helping with after-school events or field trips (could be a one-time thing!)
  • Sharing a skill or concept at a meeting or event
  • Helping in general but you don’t know with what yet….

Then I would love to hear from you! Your support is what makes all of this possible.

To contact me, you can:

  • Call or email me (information below)
  • Stop me in the halls of the school
  • Put a note in my box in the office

I have “office hours” this year. I plan to work from the PTA office every Thursday from 2-5. If I’m not actually in the PTA room for some reason, I will at least be around the school.

Thank you!

Nicole Masih-Theberge
206-633-5600 x1615

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