“Run Scared” 5K in Seward Park on 10/29 Has Discounts for GH Families

Beth Cline, our Running Club coach, has helped set up a cool opportunity for GH runners and their families. The “Run Scared” 5K race is giving $5 off to Graham Hill students and $10 off to parents who’d like to enter. It all happens on Sunday, October 29th at 9:30 am in Seward Park.

The race is a fun Halloween-themed event that benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Bonus: you can wear costumes if you’d like! This year’s theme is “The Presidential Race,” though it seems based on last year’s photos that you can wear basically any costume you’d like.

To sign up, go to their websitehttp://www.runscared5k.com/home.html.

Then use these discount codes:

  • Parent: GrahamScary17 – $10 off. valid for either 10K or 5K runs, or 4K walk.
  • Kids: GrahamKids17 – $5 off. Valid for either the 10K or 5K runs, or 4K walk.

More from Beth:

“If you don’t want to run, but your child does, there will be groups led by our coaches, and the race could likely use some volunteers if you’re willing (water stops or finish line help).”

Also, there will be pumpkin bread and a candy corn tasting bar.


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