Context: Girl Scouting in the School Day (a part of Staff Led Programs) has been providing programming at Graham Hill for over 7 years! Staff have served as troop leaders during lunch/recess time and offered after school opportunities such as Girl Scout cookie sales, camp, workshops, and events. This program originally began to provide increased access to Girl Scout experiences by reducing barriers to participation. Other staff led programs throughout Western Washington provide similar access to quality programs for girls.

For the 2018-2019 school year… Some changes have been in the works at Girl Scouts of Western Washington and in Staff Led Programs.  We are slowly transitioning away from having staff deliver programming as troop leaders. The main reasons for this are:

  • It is not the Girl Scout model. Troops and most programs are led by volunteer leaders. Not only does this transition mean we can serve more girls, it also means that adults have access to leadership training, fun experiences, and quality time spent with the girls in their lives.
  • We are dedicated to serving girls who have been traditionally underrepresented in our council. If staff are not providing direct service, we will be able to offer hands-on support in other ways to more youth and adult volunteers.

Therefore, next year at Graham Hill, I will not be a troop leader. Instead, I will be helping volunteer leaders form and run Girl Scout troops and programs.

Please keep in mind: 

  • Girl Scouts at Graham Hill will continue, it will just look different! Several volunteers have already come forward.
  • This is an opportunity for the Graham Hill community to decide how Girl Scouts should look, and what would be best for girls and families.
  • We are still in the process of coming up with the best structure to provide quality programs to all girls who wish to participate at Graham Hill. There are many ways to be involved!
  • We value your feedback! If you have ideas about what this program should look like, please let me know! Your voice is invaluable to this process.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to be a part of the Graham Hill community. Thank you for including me, and for making girl empowerment a priority!



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